Mama Uka Biography: Real Name, Age, State of Origin, Real Face, Net Worth

It's nothing new for Nigerian comedians to disguise themselves as the opposing gender as the framework for their comedy videos. It seems to be working because most of them have a huge number of people following them across all soail media platforms. A good example of such comedians is mama Uka!

If you're reading this and thinking Mama Uka is a lady, I'm sorry to disappoint you. .The way he disguises and acts as a woman in his comedic videos may lead you to believe he is one, but Mama Uka is a full-fledged guy.πŸ˜‚ Surpised? 

So in this article we will be discussing about mam uka. Some of the tings we are going to discuss about him include his Real Name, Age, State of Origin, Real Face, Net Worth etc

lets get started!

In a hurry?? Mama Uka Bio At a glance

Real Name:  Odinaka chukwueze

Stage Name:  Mama Uka

Date Of Birth: 19 August 1990s

Age:  under 30 years

Gender: Male

Profession:  Comedian

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Enugu State

Net Worth: $50,000

Who is mama uka?

Odinaka Chukwueze, better known by his stage name Mama Uka, was born in Nigeria on August 19. He is a comedian, content creator, and filmmaker. He is renowned for portraying an elderly Igbo woman in comedic fashion. He gained notoriety for the "Nsukka Chronicles Interview With Mama Uka" video, which featured him displaying his culture using the Nsukka dialect.

Mama Uka is an Enugu State native from Amachara Enugu Ezike, where she was born on August 19 in the 1990s. He is a native of Nigeria's Enugu State, specifically the Igbo Ezra north local government area.

He comes from a family of seven, including two girls and four boys. He pursued a Higher National Diploma while majoring in Computer Science at the Institute of Management, Enugu (HND).

Mama uka Career

He began his comedy career as "Sister Ukamaka," but as you may know, after complaints that he was trying to become the next bobrisky, he changed his name to "Mama Ukamaka" or "Mama Uka." He did this because he was being labeled as gay or "another bobrisky," so he had to adopt a motherly persona while speaking in his Nsukka dialect. It worked perfectly for him because it was the start of his fame.

Mama Uka has become so well-known that he has collaborated with other renowned comedians like Zicsaloma, Steve Chuks, MC Black Apple, and others.

In addition to comedy, he is a movie producer who released his debut film, "Omugo Obodo Oyinbo," in August 2021.

Mama uka Girlfriend

We assume that mam uka is not in a romantic relationship at the time of writing this article because he has not shown any signs of it. Maybe he's in a relationship, but he keeps it private...just maybe.

Mama Uka Age

We don't know the exact age of mama uka but we think he is in his early 30's judging from the fact that he was born in the 1990's

Mama Uka House and Car

Oliver, the CEO of Ego Amaka Transport Limited, gave Mama Uka a brand-new Mercedes Benz as a birthday present in August 2020. At the time this article was being written, that is his only car we know of.
The comedian owns a house as well. He shared pictures of the house he built for his mother on Instagram back in 2021, and many users congratulated him.

Mama Uka Net worth

Mama uka is doing well in the entertainment industry. How he caved out a space for himself in the Nigeria comedy industry which is very competitive is simply amazing.Mama Uka has an estimated net worth of $10,000 – $50,000.

Mama Uka Socail Media 

 You can check out Mama Uka's Amazing content using the following handles

Instagram: @_mamauka
Faebook : Mama Uka comedy

Mama Uka Photos

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Now bCK TO YOU!!!!! Seeing how competitive the Nigerian comedy industry is, how do you see mama uka in years to come?? Do you think he will still be relevant??

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