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 I was bored and less busy, probably the most boring day of my life. I went to youtube to check out some fun stuff that will brighten up my day and Boom! I saw one and guess what the video was about... It was a stand-up comedy by destalker. and after watching that video, I can't spend a day on youtube without checking if Destalker has dropped a new comedy video

Well🤷‍♂️ That is a short story of how I got to know about Destalker

Des talker is one of the finest stand-up comedians we have in Nigerian... call me anywhere and I will defend it. So in this article, we are going to talk about the guy whose video made my day on the most boring day of my life. Some things we are going to discuss about destallker include his Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Real Name, and Comedy.

Let's get started!

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In a hurry?? Des talker bio at a Glance

Real name: Oghenekowhoyan Oghenebrorhie Onaibe Desmond 

State of Origin: Delta state

Occupation: Comedian, show host, event planner, radio presenter.

Popular Saying: Hustle oo

Date of birth: Not Known

Nationality: Nigerian

Destalker net worth: $50k- $100k.

Who is Destalker?

Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond Oghenebrorhie, better known by his stage name, is a Nigerian comedian, radio broadcaster, event planner, and show host. His birthplace is Delta State.

In Delta state, he was the first actor to play an Urhobo. Among his nine siblings, five are boys and four are girls. He was born into this family  In an Interview, Destalker made it known his father Ewaraye Augustine is also an entertainer who goes by the stage name.  

Additionally, he operates as the CEO of Ekwetakufia & Sons, which produces comedy movies.

Given that he stated in an interview that his brother, whose stage name is "Bishop da comic," is also a comedian, it would appear that his family is full of comedians.

Destalker claims that he has always been hilarious and has been performing stand-up since he was in high school, even though he never really saw it as a method to make money.

He didn't truly enter comedy till later in life, after graduating from Enugu State University.

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Destalker Comedy Career

Destalker claims that he was born a comic since his father was also a comedian. He began making those around him laugh at a young age, though he did not take comedy seriously at the time.

Destalker was an Okada rider and a painter who produced and sold his works. He met one of the directors of the Enugu broadcasting service as he was riding Okada (ESBS).

The director felt he was pretty funny and inquired as to if he was a comedian. He also gave destalker the opportunity to work as a presenter on the radio.

Prior to receiving his own radio program, also on ESBS, he began doing a 15-minute comedy program on the station with another person.

Later, when he traveled to Lagos to live with his aunt, destalker was able to connect with several well-known Nigerian comedians, like basket mouth, Klint d Drunk, and others.

Destalker's first stage name was I DON DIE, a parody of the famed Nigerian comic I GO DIE. However, he soon recognized that this moniker was restricting him, so he decided to change it and create his own brand.

Destalker's life fits the adage "success is a journey" since he endured difficulties while remaining consistent until he achieved success.

Now, Destalker is one of Nigeria's top stand-up comedians, and he also has his own show, "Laughter Crusade."

Destalker Net Worth

Destalker is doing amazingly well in the comedy industry. He has his own house and owns a couple of cars. His real net worth is not known but based on his achievements, we think his net worth will be somewhere around $50k- $100k.

Destalker  Social Media

Destalker has thousands of people following him across all social media platforms. You can check out his Instagram handle @destlkercomedian

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I know Destalker is good but you can agree with me that the Nigerian comedy industry is very how do you see destalker in a few years to come? Will he still be relevant?? Can he overcome the competition?? Tell me in the comment section

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