Korra Obidi Net Worth 2022

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In this article, we check to know Korra Obidi Net Worth in 2022.  After getting divorced she has been battling between motherhood and focusing on her career which would weigh anyone down so let's know she is able to cope by checking her net worth.

Korra Obidi

                          Korra Obidi Biography

Anita Obidi Korra, better known by her stage name Korra Obidi, is a dancer, model, musician, and actress from the Delta State region of Nigeria.

Due to her generous use of every stage as a venue for distributing her products, including dance records, Korra Obidi is well recognized throughout important Nigerian online media spaces.

Even with all the success she has already achieved and the enormous fan following she has amassed today, Korra Obidi's career didn't start off smoothly; she had to work hard to advance after starting out by dancing in churches. She was praised for her hard work as a woman as well as her dancing skills and stage enthusiasm, which were consistently above and beyond anyone's expectations. Her ability to keep you watching her dance performance until it was through was a key factor in building her fan base.

Korra was previously married to a U.S man named Dr. Justin but sadly On Friday, April 1, 2022, Dr. Justin used Instagram live to reveal that he divorced Korra because she had made derogatory remarks about their children. He said that Korra frequently made him feel horrible by making harsh remarks.

Korra Obidi Net Worth 2022

 Despite being a dancer which is not appreciated compared to other genres in the entertainment industry, Korra Obidi evaluated a net worth of $350,000 though it is not yet verified

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                       Conclusion Korra Obidi Net Worth 2022

 According to rumors, Korra earns a lot of money from her live videos. She also has an NFT project that she is confident her followers would purchase. She also made her Nollywood acting debut. Are you confident that her net worth will rise in light of her recent accomplishments and investments? tell us in the comment section

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