Ejyk Nwamba Bio and All Songs

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                      Ejyk Nwamba Bio

Real name: Ejike Obiano NwaMba State; Anambra and Enugu states are where he primarily resides.

Birthdate: September 25, 1993

Phone Number: 08060650013 

The age now is 27. 

 Live In Isuofia, Anambra State: Ejyk Nwamba

The majority of the public believes that Ejyk Nwamba was a member of a masquerade gang before he founded the Ejyk Nwamba Ogene Group.

           Ejyk Nwamba Songs (Latest Songs)

Ejyk Nwamba – Ogene Egwu Igbo

Ejyk Nwamba – Ogene Ejyke Worldwide

Ejyk Nwamba – Ogene Owelle

Ejyk Nwamba – Ogene Happy New Month 

Ejyk Nwamba ft. Kolaboy & Rapnacho – Business Trip

Ejyk Nwamba – Ihe Ome Emee

Ejyk Nwamba – Mawalum Oji

Kolaboy ft. Ejyk Nwamba – Omalicha

Ogene Ejyk Nwamba – Nwayoyoyo

Anyidons ft. Ejike Nwamba – Akpagi

Hugo Boss ft. Ejyk Nwamba – Ube

Ejyk Nwamba – Coronavirus (Corona Virus) | Ogene to The World

OGENE EJYK NWAMBA – Ebuka Bishop (Special Dedication To Street Bishop)

Ejyk Nwamba – Odogwu Na South Africa

Ejyk Nwamba – Aka Ji Aku

Ejyk Nwamba – Ogene Ndigbo (Happy New Month Fans)

Agumba Oba ft. Kolaboy & Ejyk Nwamba – Uto Uwa

Best of Ejyk Nwamba Ogene Music DJ Mix (Ejike Nwamba Mixtape

Agumba Oba ft. Kolaboy & Ejyk Nwamba – Uto Uwa

Ejyk Nwamba – Mkpo gi Iza

Ejyk Nwamba – Ifeoma

Ogene Ejyk Nwamba – Nwa Oma Osiso (Live)

Ogene Ejyk Nwamba – Ndi Ogene Ejebego Uka

Ejyk Nwamba – Ogene Cultural Praise

Ejyk Nwamba – Ogene Ndi Igbo (Ndigbo)

Ejike Nwamba – OGENE to THE WORLD

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